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Prescription Sunglass Treatments

Unlimited Lens Options in Troy, Luverne, Enterprise, and Ozark

Prescription sunglasses offer you a single solution for two essential outdoor functions – they give you crisp vision, and they protect your eyes from the sight-threatening UV rays of sunlight. Most people are familiar with these two basic roles of prescriptions sunglasses. But these accessories to your outdoor wardrobe offer additional benefits, depending on the type of lens treatments that you choose. To help you match your sunglasses to your lifestyle as best as possible, our eye doctor in Troy, Luverne, Enterprise, and Ozark has prepared the following outline of different lens treatments for prescription sunglasses.

Intro to lens treatments

Lens treatments are incorporated into your sunglasses lenses during the manufacturing process. Multiple treatments can be combined into each lens, helping to satisfy all of your visual requirements.

Anti-reflective – anti-glare

On bright and sunny day, reflections off water, glass, and even the sidewalk pavements can be intense and distracting. An anti-reflective or anti-glare lens treatment blocks reflected light from reaching your eyes. That means you won’t need to squint behind the wheel or while walking along the beach. Anti-glare lens treatment on your sunglasses can be applied not only on the outside of your lenses, but also on the inside, which decreases internal reflections caused by light entering from your sides and behind you. An additional bonus of anti-reflective lens treatments is a built-in special layer that prevents spots and smudges, making your prescription sunglasses easier to clean.


If you’re looking for prescription sunglasses that truly do it all, photochromic lenses are your best bet. When outdoors, these normally clear lenses react to UV rays, darkening progressively in response to sunlight. Generally, they also include a lens treatment that also blocks harmful UVA and UVB rays from your eyes, protecting your vision from these eye health hazards. When indoors, photochromic lenses return to their clear state, so you won’t need to switch back to your standard eyeglasses. Photochromic lens treatments can be applied to polycarbonate, nylon, and other lens materials.


If you spend long periods on the road, polarized prescription sunglasses are an absolute must. This helpful lens treatment virtually eliminates disturbing bright light from reflective surfaces. In sum, polarized lenses eliminate glare, help block UV rays, and offer top value for a low investment.


As much as you love and depend upon your prescription sunglasses to give you fabulous vision and a fashionable look, you probably also neglect to care for them properly. Most likely, your sunglasses have been dropped, cleaned hastily with a shirt sleeve, and generally stored quickly by shoving them into a bag or drawer. Unfortunately, these behaviors can leave scratches and marks on your sunglasses lenses that interfere with your vision. Scratch-resistant technologies and treatments can prevent scuffs and add years to the life of your lenses. This lens treatment can be particularly important for children’s prescription sunglasses!

UV protection

Eyes need protection from the sun’s harmful rays, which can increase your chances of developing several eye diseases later in life (such as retinal damage and cataracts). A UV-light blocking treatment on the lenses of your prescription sunglasses adds essential protection for your vision.


Mirrored lenses in your prescription sunglasses have a highly reflective sheen. These sleek lenses will totally hide your eyes from the rest of the world’s view, but you’ll only see a slightly brown or gray tint. Mirrored lenses work well for reducing glare from flat surfaces, such as sand and water.


Tints or filters can upgrade the effectiveness of your sunglasses in a variety of lighting conditions. Each group of hues can improve clarity and contrast in different environments. For example, brown or amber lenses can enhance visibility while driving and filter out blue light, making them ideal for outdoor sports.

Prescription Sunglasses in Troy, Luverne, Enterprise, and Ozark

Our optical staff is knowledgeable about the various ways that different lens treatments can heighten the effectiveness of your prescription sunglasses – so you enjoy sharp and comfortable vision in all outdoor conditions. We’ll also guide you towards the best sunglasses frames for your face, so you look as amazing as you see!

It’s always handy to have a second pair of eyeglasses—why not choose a second pair that makes a real difference in the comfort and clarity of vision while doing the things you love most!

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