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Tory Burch designer sunglasses

Add Style & Protect Your Eyes with Sunglasses in Troy, Luverne, Enterprise & Ozark, AL!

Sunshine is bright and cheery, a fantastic pick-me-up that can energize your day. Yet, the sun also beats down on you and your eyes with hazardous ultraviolet rays. UV light poses a number of health risks to sensitive eye tissues and the long-lasting quality of your vision. The good news is that sunglasses provide superior protection and allow you to enjoy all the perks that sunlight has to offer. To treat your eyes and vision with the care they deserve – pick up a pair of designer sunglasses from our optical stores in Luverne, Troy, Ozark, and Enterprise, AL!

Are sunglasses necessary or are they just for show?

If you care about the health of your vision, sunglasses are necessary. Put simply, the UV rays in sunlight, which also reaches your eyes through clouds on an overcast day, are dangerous. (At the same time, the right pair of sunglasses also express your unique sense of style!) To find the perfect pair for you, check out our diverse display of sunglasses in Ozark, Enterprise, Luverne and Troy, AL.

Do my kids need sunglasses too?

Children typically spend more time outdoors than adults do, so the answer is a resounding yes! Also, the harmful effects of UV light on eyes is cumulative, so it’s important to start protecting kid’s vision as early as possible. Nowadays, durable sunglasses for children come in a fabulous array of styles and colors. We stock our sunglasses family to satisfy the needs of your family! Visit to shop our trendy range of eyewear in Enterprise, Troy, Luverne, and Ozark, AL. We encourage you to make sunglasses into an essential part of your kid’s wardrobe.

Where can I find sports and specialty sunglasses near me?

Right here, at Family Eye & Laser. We feature a wide range of activity-specific sunglasses for sports and specialty needs. All of our frames are engineered to last, with solid construction and durable materials. Depending upon your individual requirements, we have sunglasses with polarized lenses, different color tints, anti-scratch coatings, polycarbonate, and Trivex lenses. Walk-ins are welcome, please stop by any of our offices, in Troy, Luverne, Enterprise, and Ozark, AL, and we’ll help you select the most sensational sunglasses for your life and your look!

The Family Eye & Laser has the largest selection of sunglasses in Pike and Crenshaw County at the most affordable prices in the area. Browse some of the designer eyewear brands we carry!

Sunglasses for your children are an investment worth protecting. Purchase a tough, hard-shell case for them to tote around. It’s also advised to teach your kids how to care properly for eyewear, keeping them safe, clean and dry. Special cloths are available in many fun patterns.

You can choose plano sunglasses in a shape and color that you prefer, or consider prescription sunglasses if you normally wear prescription eyewear to see. In addition to protecting your eyes and vision, sunglasses are a significant part of your appearance!

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