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If you wear prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses without an anti-reflective coating, youare probably familiar with the problem of back-glare. Defined as light thathits your eyeglass lenses and bounces into your eyes, back-glare is an annoyingnuisance that can reduce the quality of your vision. Fortunately, anti-reflectivecoating offers an efficient solution to eliminate or diminish reflections offthe lenses.

Our Troy, AL, eye doctor will check your vision thoroughly to determine if you require prescription eyewear. Once you have a current, precise vision prescription, it’s time to choose a pair of frames and eyeglass lenses to meet your visual and lifestyle requirements. When it comes to the particular features of your eyeglasses lenses, a number of optional treatments are available. Anti-reflective coating is one feature that our optometrist strongly recommends.

What is AR Coating?

Just like scratch-resistant coatings, anti-reflective treatments consist of a thin, yet very hard film of metal oxides that is layered onto the front and back of your lenses. Each of these layers is made to block reflected light.

For your prescription glasses, the index of refraction lies between glass and air, which means that the light intensity reflected from the outer surface and inner surface of the film is almost equal. Reflections from both sides of your lenses thereby cancel each other out and reduce any glare that could disturb your vision.

When Does AR Coating Help?

In general, anti-reflective coatings help you to see better through the lenses of your prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses at all times. In addition, other people will be able to look into your eyes without seeing their own reflection in your eyeglasses! There are certain circumstances that AR coatings are particularly beneficial:

  • High vision prescription: Our Troy, AL, eye doctor recommends AR coatings for patients with a high vision prescription or astigmatism. It will allow your eyes to appear more natural behind your glasses.
  • In bright lighting and for computer use: Other people who benefit noticeably from anti-reflective lenses include those who work in a bright office space and/or stare at a digital screen for extended periods. You won’t be disturbed by annoying reflections on your computer monitor.
  • Night driving: When you drive at night, you’ll also appreciate how AR reduces glare and “halos” caused by streetlights and oncoming headlights.

What is the Maintenance for Lenses with an AR Coating?

To preserve the durability of anti-reflective coating, you must clean your lenses only with solutions recommended by our optometrist. The technology of this lens feature is advancing constantly – providing crisp, higher quality sight for all vision conditions. Ask our eye doctor for more information at your next eye exam in our Troy, AL, vision care center!

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