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Chemistrie™ Magnetic LensClips!

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Chemistrie ™ is a patented magnetic lens layering system that is custom made to fit virtually ANY frame. Available in sun lenses, reader lenses, and 3D lenses.

Chemistrie Lenses at Family Eye Center in Troy, ALThese clip on lens are available for almost any frame and can sit layered over your prescription lenses. These prescription lenses attach to your eyeglass frames through special magnets. This allows you to quickly change between indoors and outdoors, reading and driving.

  • 24 polarized Sunlens colors available
  • 8 solid, 8 mirror, and 8 gradient
  • All mirror and gradient lenses have a backside anti-reflective coating
  • All Sun lenses offer 100% UV protection.
  • Chemistrie Blue layer is available to filter out a portion of High Energy Visible (HEV) light to ease digital eye strain.

For more information or to view the collection of Chemistrie™ lenses, stop by our Troy or Luverne office - or visit the Chemistrie™ website.

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