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Pediatric Eye Exams

We Provide Full Service Eye Care for Kids!

Every parent wants their child to succeed, and making sure your kid has clear and healthy vision is an excellent way to help. Sharp eyesight is necessary for many types of classroom learning, such as reading and writing. It is also essential for top performance on the sports field, which depends upon hand-eye coordination and good judgement of distance. In sum, quality vision is an essential foundation for proper learning and development. That’s why pediatric eye exams are critical. We invite you to help your child maximize his or her potential and visit our optometrist in Enterprise, Troy and Luverne, AL.

Personalized and Pleasant

From the moment you and your child enter our friendly, modern eye care clinic, you’ll have our focus. We strive to develop a positive, open relationship with each patient, and we want to know your child’s health condition, visual needs and unique personality. It is important to our Troy, Luverne and Enterprise optometrist that kids feel comfortable during their eye exam. The following information will help to prepare you:

What should I tell my child before the pediatric eye exam?

First of all, it’s important to reassure kids that parents are permitted to stay in the room for the entire eye exam, and young children can be examined on their parent’s lap.

If your kid is old enough to comprehend, you should explain that our optometrist will display some images, letters, numbers and objects that need to be identified. Older children should be aware that the eye doctor may administer dilating eye drops, which could sting mildly for a few seconds and will make vision blurry for a while.

What procedures will the eye doctor do?

The specific testing varies depending upon your kid’s overall health condition, vision condition, age and developmental stage. We customize every pediatric eye exam to satisfy the requirements of the individual patient.

Whether you find our Troy, Luverne or Enterprise optometrist most convenient to visit, we administer procedures to evaluate the same visual skills in each office of Family Eye Center. These skills include:

  • Visual acuity
  • Accommodation (focusing ability)
  • Binocularity (eye teaming)
  • Tracking skills
  • Peripheral vision
  • Color vision
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Ocular health – we will check inner eye tissues for any signs of disease or abnormalitychildren's designer frames

Do I need to book a pediatric eye exam if my child has no vision complaints?

While complaints can certainly point to a problem, a lack of complaints does not eliminate the presence of a vision problem. So – yes, you need to schedule regular pediatric eye exams for your kid. Keep in mind that untreated vision conditions can compromise academic and physical performance. The earlier our eye doctor diagnoses a vision condition, the sooner we can treat it to prevent complications.

Also, some complaints may appear unrelated to vision – yet could still point to a problem with eyesight. If your child has trouble learning to read or copy off the board, it is not necessarily due to a learning disability. Hyperactivity and an inability to focus in class may also be misdiagnosed as ADD, when really vision is to blame. Headaches can also be a warning sign that your child needs eyeglasses, even if he claims to see the board clearly.

When is it time to schedule my child’s eye exam?

Now! If your child has not had a comprehensive pediatric eye exam, don’t delay. According to the American Optometric Association, guidelines state:

  • First eye exam: six months old
  • Second eye exam: around 3 years old
  • Third eye exam: before entering elementary school, about 5-6 years of age
  • Follow-up eye exams: at least every 2 years for kids with no pediatric risk factors and no eyeglasses. If your child requires vision correction or other treatment, our optometrist will instruct you on how often to book regular eye exams

We look forward to seeing your child for an eye exam by our friendly and experienced optometrist in Enterprise, Luverne and Troy, AL!

We offer Geriatric Eye Care as well!