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Management of Ocular Diseases

Diagnosis & Treatment for Ocular Disease

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Diagnosis Treatment for Ocular DiseaseClear and quality vision depends upon having healthy eyes, and healthy eyes depend upon having a dedicated team of expert eye doctors. Our optometrists in Troy, Luverne,  Enterprise & Ozark, AL, will monitor your eyes closely to inspect for any signs of eye disease. With cutting-edge technology and experienced skill, we will keep close watch on your eyes to prevent health complications and vision loss. If you are diagnosed with macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma, we will provide advanced care in the comfort of our clinic.

Regular Eye Exams Are Critical

The early signs of eye disease generally remain unnoticed, and therefore regular comprehensive eye exams are the only reliable way to detect or rule out ocular disease. Using digital imagery, retina cameras and diagnostic tools such as the OCT scan, our eye doctor will be able to spot eye disease before it causes any problems. This enables us to begin treating eye disease as early as possible. Contact us to schedule your eye exam – we look forward to helping you preserve your healthy vision!

Treating Eye Disease

After you receive a diagnosis, our compassionate optometrists will meet with you to explain the condition and answer your questions. We believe that an open relationship between patient and eye doctor is the basis of optimal eye care. Together, we’ll design the most suitable treatment plan for you.

Common eye diseases that we manage:


Cataracts are a clouding of the natural lens of your eye, which is typically transparent. This prevents images from appearing on your retina clearly. Your vision may be mildly blurred or severe, depending upon the progression of the cataracts. Generally, we recommend surgery as an efficient and successful way of treating this eye disease. During cataract surgery, your eye surgeon will remove the opaque lens and replace it with an artificial clear lens. Our optometrists in Troy, Luverne,  Enterprise and Ozark, AL, offer full preoperative and postoperative care for this procedure.

Macular Degeneration

An early diagnosis of macular degeneration goes far towards slowing the development of this eye disease. When the macula, the center part of your eye, deteriorates, you become incapable of seeing the middle of an image clearly and with fine details. Treating this eye disease depends largely upon the type of macular degeneration that you have. We may recommend medication, injections into your eye, or laser surgery. Our eye doctors will discuss the options with you and help to monitor and manage your condition.


Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that can injure the optic nerve and destroy your sharp vision. Generally, there are no early symptoms. During your regular eye exam, we will use a tonometer to measure inner eye pressure; elevated pressure levels are a sign of glaucoma. We will also inspect your inner eye tissues to confirm diagnosis and recommend the most appropriate treatment. Eye drops are typically the front line of defense for treating this eye disease.

Diabetic Retinopathy

This eye disease only occurs in people who have diabetes. The primary symptoms is that retinal blood vessels leak or swell. At the start, people don’t usually notice any symptoms, yet a dilated eye exam will uncover the signs. An early diagnosis enables early treatment, such as injections or laser surgery. Many studies to explore new treatment for diabetic retinopathy are ongoing, and our optometrists keep current with these medical advances.

At Family Eye & Laser, we take an aggressive approach to treating eye disease. Contact us to book an appointment in our Troy, Luverne,  Enterprise and Ozark eye care clinics.

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