Eye Exam Prep

check list imgWhat to bring with you to your eye exam:

__ Your medical insurance card (it is different than vision insurance) and identification card (i.e. driver’s license)

__ Any eyeglasses you currently use

__ Any eyedrops you regularly use

__ A list of your medications

__ Your sunglasses

__ If you would like computer glasses, measure the distance between the computer screen and your eyes.

For contact lens wearers:

__ If you are a new patient and wear contact lenses, bring in the contact lens packaging or boxes with contact lens brand, power and base curve (BC).

__ If you ran out and do not know your power, call your previous office and ask them to fax/email it to us.

__ Wear your contact lenses in if you want to update/order contact lenses.

__ Don’t forget to bring in your back-up pair of eyeglasses.