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Eye Exam Prep

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Tips to Save Time at Your Next Visit to the Eye Doctor

Preparing for an eye exam doesn’t take much, other than some planning and organizing your information. Yet a little bit of advance thought can ensure that your eye doctor’s appointment goes smooth and easy.

At the start of your eye exam in our Luverne, Troy, Enterprise, and Ozark optometry offices, we’ll ask you to answer some significant questions about your medical condition and history. We may also require specific forms and documents. By preparing for your eye exam and arriving with all the info we need, you are shaving precious time off your appointment.

How to Use Your Wait Time

We aim to stay on schedule always. However, if you find yourself with a few extra minutes before your eye exam, here are some tips on how to optimize your wait time:

  • There is no need to wait until you have your updated vision prescription before browsing our collection of eyeglasses. Look through the racks of designer frames for the perfect style, and we can set your choice of glasses aside to order after your eye exam.
  • Think about all the other members of your family who need vision check-ups! Bring your family calendar and schedule all the appointments you need while you wait.
  • Preparing for an eye exam often means having a clear understanding of your vision insurance or medical insurance policy. Do you know what it covers? As you wait, ask our staff to review and explain the details of your plan.

When You Need an Urgent Eye Exam

If you are experiencing any pain or uncomfortable symptoms that need to be examined and treated urgently, tell us about it when you book your eye exam! It is essential that we know precisely what is going on with your vision. Our Family Eye & Laser staff is trained and experienced in identifying severe problems that need immediate attention. In the event of an eye emergency, we will squeeze you in for an urgent eye exam.

Come Prepared - What to Bring to Your Eye Exam:

__ Your medical insurance card (it is different than vision insurance) and identification card (i.e. driver's license)

__ Any eyeglasses you currently use

__ Any eyedrops you regularly use

__ A list of your medications

__ Your sunglasses

__ If you would like computer glasses, measure the distance between the computer screen and your eyes.

For contact lens wearers:

__ If you are a new patient and wear contact lenses, bring in the contact lens packaging or boxes with contact lens brand, power and base curve (BC).

__ If you ran out and do not know your power, call your previous office and ask them to fax/email it to us.

__ Wear your contact lenses in if you want to update/order contact lenses.

__ Don’t forget to bring in your back-up pair of eyeglasses.

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