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Eye Care Services

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Complete Care for Your Eyes

We offer a comprehensive range of quality services for your vision and eye health. At Family Eye Center, our family-friendly practice will provide you with all that you need for sharp and healthy eyesight. With three modern, fully equipped offices in Troy, Enterprise, Luverne,  and Ozark AL, we are located conveniently to serve patients from the neighboring communities of Ozark, Brundidge, Union Springs, Pine Level, Banks, Fort Rucker, Geneva, Brantley, New Brockton, Elba and Greenville, AL.

Our team of optometrists, Dr. Allen Dunn, Dr. David Hamlin, Dr. Mary Kate Moring and Dr. Samara Perryman, will evaluate your eyes with advanced technology and the latest diagnostic tools. Comprehensive eye exams are only one part of our eye care services. We also manage ocular diseases, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, and we will co-manage LASIK or other refractive surgeries. For vision correction, we are pros at fitting all members of your family with the most appropriate eyeglasses and contact lenses.

With a superior commitment to our patients, Family Eye Center offers:

  • Our exclusive, one-year warranty on frames and lenses
  • Optomap eye exams, with no dilation necessary
  • Contact lens success fitting program, guaranteed!
  • No-obligation trial of contact lenses
  • 24-hour emergency services

At Family Eye Center, you’ll benefit from our up-to-date care and current treatment approaches. It is our top priority to help you achieve clear, high quality vision and long-term eye health. With total eye care services in Troy, Enterprise and Luverne, AL, we welcome new and returning patients. Don’t delay, no matter what you need for your eyesight, contact us today for a consultation with Dr. Dunn, Dr. Hamlin, Dr. Moring or Dr. Perryman!

More about our Eye Care Services:

  • A total eye examination inspects much more than vision. Optometric experts recommend that everyone has routine eye exams performed by a qualified eye doctor, to check for signs of disease. We will check your retina and eye tissues, taking your personal condition into account.
  • When should older adults have comprehensive eye exams?  As you age, your risk of eye disease and vision problems rises. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, adults age 65 and older should have their eyes evaluated thoroughly every year or two.
  • Vision conditions are very common in kids, and when undetected – they may cause delays in learning and development. To prevent any vision-related learning problems, it’s critical to examine children’s eyes regularly. With a warm and skilled manner, we will check your child’s eyes in Troy and Luverne, Alabama.
  • We are dedicated to caring for your eyes to prevent future vision loss. If you are diagnosed with an ocular disease, such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration or cataracts, we’ll help manage your condition.
  • Astigmatism is a very common eye condition that's easily corrected by eyeglasses or contact lenses and on some occasions, surgery.
  • As we reach middle age, particularly after age 40, it is common to start to experience difficulty with reading and performing other tasks that require near vision. This is because with age, the lens of our eye becomes increasingly inflexible, making it harder to focus on close objects. This condition is called presbyopia and eventually it happens to everyone who reaches old age to some extent.
  • We equip our offices, in Luverne, Enterprise and Troy, AL, with the latest diagnostic tools and advanced technology. We believe in staying current with the fast pace of medical progress.
  • Do you have sore, pink or red eyes?  We can help you. Our optometrists are qualified to assist with infections, as well as foreign object removal or ocular damage from a foreign substance. It’s not always necessary to make a trip to the hospital or to your primary care physician, consult with us for assistance.
  • If you’re interested in LASIK or other laser procedures, we’ll evaluate whether you’re a good candidate. We offer complete pre-op and post-op care.
  • A lack of moisture on your eye surface, or problem with the quality of your tears, is responsible for this annoying condition. Consult with our optometrists in Luverne and Troy, AL, and we’ll determine the best treatment to alleviate your symptoms.
  • Ortho-k involves wearing specialized contact lenses while sleeping, which flatten the front surface of the eye. By reshaping the eye with these rigid, GP lenses, some cases of nearsightedness and astigmatism can be corrected.
  • Healthy sight is very important for doing well in school, participating in outside activities, and hanging out with friends. Click here for an assortment of fun vision-related games, quizzes, puzzles and more!
  • These tests are performed on babies between the ages of 6 and 12 months. Offered as a one-time, complimentary service for everyone, InfantSEE facilitates the early detection of vision and ocular problems in young children.
  • Do you dream of longer, thicker eyelashes? These eye drops can help you turn your dream into a reality!
  • Reduced eyesight that cannot be improved fully with eyeglasses, contact lenses or surgery falls into the category of “Low Vision”. We offer many devices and strategies that can help improve your quality of life and maintain independence.