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Monthly Multifocal Contact Lenses

Monthly contact lenses are designed to be worn for one to three months’ duration and then discarded. In comparison to daily disposables, monthlies are thicker and more durable, and you must clean and disinfect them regularly to keep your eyes healthy. Monthly multifocal contact lenses are suitable for people with presbyopia – an age-related vision condition that makes it hard to focus on objects up-close. Our eye doctors in Luverne, Troy, Ozark, and Enterprise, AL, will perform an eye exam to diagnose presbyopia, and monthly multifocal contact lenses are a type of vision treatment that we may recommend.

Vision Correction for Presbyopia

Reading glasses, also known as readers, were once the classic method of providing crisp near vision for people with presbyopia. Yet many people were resistant to carrying around and wearing these old-fashioned spectacles on their face. Fortunately, multifocal contact lenses are an attractive alternative that provides excellent vision for reading and other close-up tasks.

In addition to giving you the flexibility of not carrying around readers, multifocal contact lenses have many advantages over reading glasses. They provide sharp vision at all distances, near and far, with a smooth transition when viewing a wide range of distances. There are many premium types of monthly multifocal lenses, all of which offer supreme wearing comfort too.

Types of Multifocal Contacts & How They Work

Monthly multifocal contact lenses are designed to offer simultaneous vision. What does that mean? The contacts have specific zones of the lens that are intended for near and far sight (and intermediate, with some). Your eye will use the zone of the lens that provides the clearest vision. Within this category, there are concentric and aspheric designs.

Concentric multifocal contacts usually contain the region for seeing distance in the center of the lens, however sometimes the near power will be found in the center. Concentric rings of near and distance powers of your individual prescription surround this middle zone.

Aspheric multifocal contact lenses are designed similarly to progressive eyeglass lenses. The lens powers change gradually from near to far, with no visible zones. There are typically a range of prescription strengths blended throughout the lens. Your visual system adapts to these lenses and naturally chooses the correct lens power for what you are looking at. As a result, you enjoy seamless and clear vision.

Pros & Cons of Monthly Multifocal Contact Lenses

Benefits include:

  • Sharp visual acuity for a range of viewing distances
  • Ability to see in most conditions without additional eyeglasses
  • Smooth transition between prescriptions

Disadvantages include:

  • Costlier than standard contact lenses because of the complex design
  • Can be difficult to adjust to the viewing experience
  • Nighttime glare and hazy vision may occur during the adaptation period

Monthly Disposables

When are monthly disposables preferable to dailies? Monthlies are made of stronger, more durable materials than daily disposables. This allows them to give highly reliable vision correction at stronger lens powers. So if your vision prescription is more complicated, monthlies may be the best option for you.

Also, monthly multifocal contact lenses are a good match for people with unpressured daily routines, who have the time to clean and disinfect them nightly. Or, if you are someone who is constantly switching back and forth between contact lenses and eyeglasses throughout each day, monthlies may give you more value for the cost. As opposed to dailies that cannot be stored and must be discarded after each use, monthlies can be saved for re-insertion later on in the day.

If you have presbyopia, why let readers slow you down? Monthly multifocal contact lenses offer many crystal-clear, convenient, and comfortable advantages. For more info, schedule your contact lens eye exam with our eye doctors in Luverne, Troy, Enterprise and Ozark, AL.

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