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Eye Exams for Contact Lenses

Expert Contact Lenses Fittings for Crisp & Healthy Vision!

Contact lenses are a popular choice for many people who need vision correction. They provide clear eyesight, high comfort, and amazing convenience. However, contact lenses are not one-size-fits-all, and you need a qualified eye doctor to match the right size, type, and lens powers to your eyes. If you are interested in benefiting from all the advantages of contacts, contact us to book an eye exam in our Luverne, Troy, Enterprise, or Ozark, AL, eye care office.

What is special about a contact lenses eye exam?

When our Family Eye & Laser optometrists check your eyes to determine the ideal contact lenses for you, the eye exam is much more detailed than basic vision testing. In addition to figuring out your accurate vision prescription for contacts (which is generally different from your eyeglasses prescription!), we will also inspect your eye health to diagnose or rule out any pre-existing conditions, such as dry eyes or eye allergies.

Measuring your eyes precisely is the next step of your contact lenses eye exam. A number of corneal variations exist, and our eye doctor will use a keratometer to take detailed measurements of your eyes. We will assess your corneal curvature, iris size, and pupil size.

Your contact lens prescription will include:

  • Lens diameter
  • Base curve (lens curvature)
  • Manufacturer and brand-name of lenses
  • Power of each lens

Our experienced eye doctor will use high-tech diagnostics and advanced optometric devices to perform your eye exam, along with a huge dose of personalized attention to address your unique visual issues and concerns.

What info is important for determining the best contact lenses for me?

After we complete your eye exam and decide that you are a good candidate for contacts, our eye doctors will ask you a series of questions about your visual requirements and lifestyle needs, and we’ll explain the pros and cons of the different contact lens options. Our friendly optometrists also want to hear any questions you may have, and we’ll do our best to answer them fully. We believe that an educated patient is a satisfied one!

To help match you with the perfect pair of contact lenses, please consider the following before you visit our eye care centers in Troy, Luverne, Enterprise, and Ozark:

  1. Do you want rigid, gas permeable or soft contacts? Nowadays, soft lenses are more popular, yet hard contacts have particular advantages.
  2. Do you want to wear lenses on a daily basis, or only for special activities (eg: sports) and occasions?
  3. How often do you want to replace your contacts? Daily or monthly?
  4. If you have presbyopia, do you want multifocal lenses?
  5. Do you want to change the color of your eyes?

When will I get to try on my contact lenses?

Right now! After your eye exam is complete, it is time to try on your lenses. Often, the most efficient way to decide which contacts are a perfect fit is through trial pairs. We will instruct you on how to insert your contact lenses properly, and once they are in – we’ll assess how they sit and move on your eye. Your feedback about how they feel is critical. After a 15-minute trial, we will be able to issue your prescription. Our optometrist will also give you guidelines about how long to wear your lenses, disinfecting, and storing them.

Will I need follow-up care or another eye exam?

In our optometry practice in Luverne, Enterprise, Troy, and Ozark, AL, we strongly encourage you to visit for a follow-up eye exam to check your contact lenses. This is the only way for our eye doctors to monitor the health of your vision and the condition of your lenses. If we pick up on any problems, we may recommend a change in the type of contact lenses you wear or a change in your wearing schedule. After your first return visit, it is advised to come back yearly.

For more information about contact lenses, and to get started with wearing them, contact our eye doctors to book an eye exam. We look forward to fitting you with sharp and comfortable vision!

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