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Daily and Monthly Contact Lenses

Daily and Monthly Contact Lenses Options

In the 1960s, soft contact lenses were made available to the public. However, the contacts of today have come a long way since these initial products. Due to huge leaps in technology and engineering, soft lenses now give sharper vision, are much healthier, more comfortable – and much more popular!

A variety of wearing options exist, including daily disposables and monthly contact lenses. At Family Eye & Laser, we satisfy many patients’ visual needs with soft contact lenses in Troy, Luverne, Enterprise, and Ozark, AL.

Intro to Soft Contact Lenses

Soft lenses are flexible and porous, which makes them breathable for long periods of wearing time. Their water content varies, ranging from 20% to 85%. Also, they absorb your tears, making them even more soft and pliable.

If your lifestyle needs match up with only wearing contact lenses for occasional use, such as for sports or socializing, they are fully adaptable. That means you can go back and forth between eyeglasses and soft contacts as often as you want.

All types of soft lenses, including dailies and monthly contact lenses, can correct nearly every vision condition. They can provide clear vision for nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism, and presbyopia.

Wearing Schedules – Choose from Daily, Bi-weekly, or Monthly Contact Lenses

Everyone has their own way of life, and your contact lenses need to meet your unique lifestyle requirements and personality. For example, do you have time for a regular maintenance routine, or would you prefer to discard your lenses every night? Here is a review of the basic wearing schedules available:

Daily Disposable

Commonly known as dailies, these soft contact lenses are made to be worn for one day and then thrown out. You insert a fresh pair every day. They do not require hygiene care with any cleaning solutions or disinfectants, although you may need to keep lubricating eye drops handy for when your lenses feel dry.

Daily disposables are ideal for people with a busy schedule who are looking for a convenient, low-maintenance option. Also, sports players and people who only wear their lenses occasionally appreciate dailies. Other people who prefer dailies are allergy-sufferers, because daily disposables are thrown out before any allergens have time to build up on their surface.

Two-Weekly Disposable

Sometimes called weekly wear lenses, this type is worn daily for a two-week span and then discarded. You must remove them nightly for cleaning and storage. Many first-time wearers prefer this type of lens, as well as teenagers who want to wear their contacts frequently and don’t want to invest as much care as monthly lenses require.

Monthly Contact Lenses

Nicknamed monthlies, monthly contact lenses are taken care of in a similar manner as two-weekly lenses. You wear them daily, disinfect and store them overnight. At the end of each month, you discard them and start with a new pair. People who plan to wear their lenses five or more days per week are the biggest fans of monthlies, because they are more cost-effective than dailies.

Extended Wear Contact Lenses

All extended wear soft contact lenses are made from silicone hydrogel, one of the most advanced contact lens technologies. Silicone hydrogel is very breathable and comfortable, allowing up to five times more oxygen to reach the surface of your eye in comparison to conventional soft lenses. (Note that silicone hydrogel is also used in many other types of contacts.) Extended wear lenses can be worn continuously for up to a month, which makes them appealing for people who are always on-the-go. However, they also pose much greater health risks than other types of soft contact lenses. Speak to your eye doctor to find out if they are recommended for your eyes.

Call our eye care offices in Troy, Luverne, Enterprise, and Ozark, AL, to schedule your contact lens eye exam and fitting. Our eye doctors will help you determine the best type of daily, weekly, or monthly contact lenses that are a good fit for you!


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