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Daily Contact Lenses

We Fit Daily Disposable Contacts in Troy, Luverne, Enterprise & Ozark, Alabama

It’s easy to learn how to care for daily disposable contact lenses, (nicknamed dailies). You insert them in the morning, wear them all day long, and throw them out before bedtime. The next morning, you start over with a fresh pair. That’s it!

The low-maintenance and high-convenience of daily contact lenses are the main reasons that this type of vision correction is so popular. However, there are even more benefits. You will also enjoy optimal eye health, sharp vision, and smooth comfort. Our eye doctors in Luverne, Troy, Enterprise, and Ozark, Alabama, are knowledgeable and experienced in fitting patients with daily disposable contact lenses.

The range of contact lenses available nowadays is vast, and every individual (together with their eye doctor!) needs to weigh the pros and cons of each type in order to make the right decision. Your lenses need to give you crisp and comfortable vision, as well as match your lifestyle.

All About One-Day Contact Lenses

In the race for the most popular contact lenses, daily contact lenses are gaining rapidly as a winning choice. These convenient contacts usually offer superior comfort and outstanding visual clarity immediately after they are first inserted. There is no adaptation period. We recommend one-day contact lenses for many of our patients; read on to see why.

What are daily contact lenses?

Daily contacts, also known as dailies, are meant to be worn for just one day. You put them in your eyes in the morning, wear them throughout the day, take them out at bedtime, and discard them. The next morning, you insert a fresh pair of contacts. If this convenience and low-maintenance routine appeal to you, contact us to book an eye exam and fitting for daily contact lenses.

Who is a candidate for one-day contact lenses?

Our optometrist will perform a detailed eye exam and contact lens fitting to determine your prescription. During your visit in our Luverne, Troy, Enterprise, or Ozark eye care center, we will ask you about your regular routine and preferences. The ideal contacts must support your vision prescription, as well as match your lifestyle needs and daily activities. Dailies are available for a wide range of vision conditions, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia.

What are the advantages of daily contacts?

  • No routine cleaning or disinfection is necessary. That means you never have to purchase costly cleaning solutions, and getting ready for bed is a faster process
  • Symptoms of eye allergies are often relieved, as there is no time for allergens, such as dust or pollen, to build up on your contacts
  • Protein deposits, cosmetics and hairspray residue do not accumulate on your lenses, so they stay clean and comfortable in your eyes
  • Remembering when to discard your lenses is simple; no calendar reminders are needed
  • People who travel a lot love the ease of bringing only their contact lenses, and not a whole bag of disinfectants and supplies
  • Teenagers, children, and busy adults can be negligent with proper contact lens hygiene. Dailies turn disinfecting into a thing of the past
  • The risk of a corneal injury from wearing a torn or damaged lens is reduced, since daily contacts are not worn long-term

Visit our Family Eye & Laser offices in Luverne, Ozark, Enterprise, and Troy, AL, to discuss whether or not daily contact lenses are the best option for your needs.

To figure out if dailies are for you, here’s a rundown of the basic benefits of daily contact lenses:

Excellent for Eye Health

A number of scientific studies have shown that dailies lead to less complications from wearing contacts. The rate of eye irritation and eye infections, such as pink eye, is significantly reduced – some estimates even say it is 6x less! This is particularly important for children who wear contacts, especially teens, because they are often guilty of being negligent when it comes to disinfecting standard contact lenses.

Soothing Comfort for Sore Eyes

Since a fresh new pair of contacts is inserted every day, there’s no time for debris, airborne allergens and irritants, and protein deposits to build up on the lenses. This is especially important for people who have eye allergies, since pollen won’t stick to your contacts. Each day with daily lenses will therefore give your eyes a chance to relax and feel good.

Maximum Convenience

Life is busy. Why add the routine of sterilizing contacts to your daily regimen? Caring for your daily disposables is a breeze, and you won’t need to clear any precious shelf space in the bathroom for solution bottles either! For business or pleasure, all travelers love the ease of dailies – as there’s no need to pack any eye care supplies except enough pairs of contact lenses for the days of your trip.

Economical Eyesight

Say goodbye to your contact lens cleaning solutions and disinfectants. Also, if you only wear your lenses a few times a week or on special occasions, daily disposables are a real money-saver. So yes, while it’s true that dailies cost more for a year’s supply than monthly lenses, your bottom-line price will not be higher. Current estimates place dailies at about $1 - $1.50 per day, which is about the same as a steaming cup o’joe. Once you have your vision prescription, we stock a full inventory of well-priced daily lenses; visit our optical stores in Luverne, Troy, Ozark, and Enterprise, AL, to replenish your supply.

Crystal-clear Vision

Let’s not forget the reason you’re wearing contacts to begin with – so you can see clearly. Daily disposable contact lenses get this job done perfectly. Studies demonstrate that vision quality with dailies is better than with conventional contacts. Fortunately, daily contacts come in an extensive range of vision prescriptions, including for hard-to-fit conditions.

Interested in finding out how dailies can work for you? Contact us in Troy, Luverne, Enterprise, or Ozark, to schedule a consultation and contact lens eye exam in any one of our modern Alabama eye care centers.

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