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Did You Know Your Eye Doctor Can Help Diagnose Parkinson’s?


Revolutionary RightEye Vision System is Now FDA-Approved to Detect Parkinson’s Disease

The diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease has always been based on the results of a range of neurological tests, and unfortunately, misdiagnosis is common. In fact, up to 60% of patients with Parkinson’s disease are misdiagnosed at least once, and up to one-third are misdiagnosed twice! Now, RightEye LLC, an award-winning company for healthcare technology, may be able to significantly improve the situation for patients.

The FDA’s Breakthrough Device Program recently granted RightEye LLC the first and only designation for a device that uses objective eye movement measurements to help evaluate for Parkinson’s disease. With this recognition, the availability of RightEye to eye doctors across the US is expected to increase dramatically. At Family Eye & Laser, we are pleased to offer this progressive technology in our eye care offices in Troy, Luverne, Enterprise, and Ozark, Alabama.

What does the RightEYE Vision System check?

In October 2018, the FDA gave clearance to the use of RightEye for recording, viewing, and analyzing eye movements for the purpose of detecting visual tracking disorders in patients. The detailed data that eye doctors have been able to assess from this noninvasive, five-minute test has been extremely valuable for revealing eye mobility deficiencies – many of which can indicate certain oculomotor and neurological conditions. RightEye enables eye doctors to objectively measure the quality of a person’s eye movement. Vision therapy and visual training sessions can then be custom-designed for each patient.

How does RightEye help diagnose Parkinson’s disease?

Studies have shown that people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease generally have persistent ocular tremors. These tremors usually appear at a very early stage of the disease, way before other symptoms present clearly. By using eye-tracking technology to identify ocular tremors, the RightEye Vision System can help to diagnose Parkinston’s disease at the very beginning. Our eye doctors in Troy, Luverne, Enterprise, and Ozark, Alabama, are excited about the opportunity to play an important role in the fight against Parkinson’s disease.

What other conditions can RightEye assess?

  • Identify binocular vision problems that can affect reading and learning
  • Provide baseline concussion tests
  • Monitor eye movements to detect vision and health issues
  • Monitor the effects of treatment and recovery
  • Enhance athletic performance by assessing vision strengths and weaknesses
  • Detect early signs of autism

RightEye at Family Eye & Laser

RightEye’s eye-tracking tests give our Family Eye & Laser optometrists a total, objective, and quantitative view of our patient’s visual health within minutes. The test results can be life-changing, and we’re proud to partner with RightEye in Troy, Luverne, Enterprise, and Ozark, Alabama!

At Family Eye & Laser, we put your family's needs first. Talk to us about how we can help you maintain healthy vision. Call us today: 334-697-3100 or book an appointment online to see one of our Troy eye doctors.

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