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Back-to-School Eye Exams for Kids

Children Need to See Well to Learn Well

One of the best ways you can prepare your child for success in school is with kids’ eye exams. If you’ve been keeping track of yourchild’s size, you probably noticed that kids grow quickly! The clothes that fit at the end of last school year may already be too small when it’s time to go back to school. And just like their bodies grow and develop, so do their eyes.

Visual skills progress significantly throughout the early years of life. For example, eye mobility and accommodation (focusing) grow stronger and more coordinated. When these functional vision skills do not function smoothly, basic learning – such as reading and writing – can be compromised. Our family-friendly eye doctors in Troy, Luverne, Enterprise, and Ozark, AL, are experienced in performing gently eye exams for kids. We know what to look out for, and we will provide effective treatment as necessary.

Don’t Wait Until Your Child’s Grades Suffer

It is typical for kids not to complain when they can’t see perfectly. Just because your child doesn’t tell you that the classroom board is blurry or the computer screen looks fuzzy, it doesn’t mean that they see crisp and clear! Only a qualified eye care specialist can reliably detect the early signs of many pediatric vision conditions. That is why it is critical not to delay kids’ eye exams, call our optometry office today – before an undiagnosed vision condition causes your young student to struggle in school.

Complete Eye Exams for Kids Check Much More than Vision Testing

Many elementary schools administer vision screening, and many parents wonder why this test isn’t enough to rule out a vision problem. To explain, vision testing with a basic eye chart on the wall checks for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. When our expert eye doctors at Family Eye Center perform a kid’s eye exam, we also inspect for problems with convergence, focusing, tracking, eye-hand coordination, visual processing, and amblyopia (lazy eye). All of these parts of vision are essential for children to master reading, writing, math, and coordinated performance on the sports field.

Treatment for Kids’ Vision Conditions

The most common eye problem in kids is nearsightedness, a refractive condition that is usually corrected effectively by eyeglasses or contact lenses. Lazy eye is another common pediatric vision condition, usually diagnosed between the ages of three and six years old. With lazy eye (amblyopia), one eye does not develop properly. When left untreated, the weaker eye may never attain full visual capacity. Over time, vision loss may occur. As you can imagine, the negative effects of untreated amblyopia on your child’s ability to learn are huge! Fortunately, our eye doctor can treat this condition, either by prescribing an eye patch, eyeglasses, and/or vision therapy exercises. All of these treatments work to strengthen the deficient eye. The sooner treatment begins, the more successful it will be.

Book Back to School Eye Exams before the Bell Rings!

Kids’ eye exams are the first step towards ensuring your child enjoys healthy vision. They are also essential homework for parents to schedule! Help your child make the grade and visit our eye doctor in Troy, Luverne, Enterprise, and Ozark, AL.

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